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Connect To Your Customers

Public Wireless LAN, or Hot Spot, allows service providers, enterprise and franchise chains to offer their customers fast and cost effective ways to connect to their intranets and Internet

Are your customers/visitors asking for wireless access to the Internet while they are waiting for your service?

Let Data In Motion turn your business into a wireless Hot Spot. Your customers will be able to use your secured and segmented private network to wirelessly access the Internet while they wait. A wireless network can also be used to improve service delivery by dramatically reducing the costs of deploying interactive wireless enabled devices such as kiosks, cameras and microphones.

Can We Help You Create A Secure Wireless Network?

The need to stay connected to the Internet and a company intranet is critical to increasing the productivity of companies’ mobile force.

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Are you looking for a more efficient and easier way to use interfaces since Web based control panels are much more efficient to use than typical phone touch pad interfaces. This will allow your users the ability to scroll through voicemail, organize their messages to see who they are from, select key messages from a list, open the message in any order(or discard them) and archive them.

New Setup/Upgrade Services

Upgrades and new installations are a stressful event for any business. Let us help you make your transition a smooth one.

Maintenance/Administration Services

Our maintenance and administration services keep your network and computer systems running at peak efficiency and stability.

Guardian Services

Hackers and viruses have made major advances in technology, has your business done the same? Here is the perfect opportunity, our Guardian Services will protect you from:

IT Outsourcing "Learn to do more with less"

Retaining the perfect resources is absolutely critical to defining the scope of outsourceable services. When deciding what to outsource, your firm must also define the methodalogies, technologies and the physical assets to be retained. Let D.I.M. give you the ability to concentrate on your core business fuctions and we will provide the technical expertise. Imagine the possibilities of less dependency upon internal resources, higher quality service delivery due to increased project focus, potential acquisition of innovative ideas and the potential of freeing of internal resources for other purposes and tasks.